Posted by: David Harley | June 30, 2012

Meanwhile, back at the plot…

Not a lot has been happening with this page recently, but now I’m gradually getting some of my life back rather than spending 8 days a week on security authoring, I’ve started to make some major changes to this blog.

  • The songs (lyrics, MP3 and recording data) from the Diverse Brew sessions at Hallmark Studios have now been moved to a page of their own. Songs from other recording sessions will also be getting their own pages. (In process: some of the songs from ‘Sheer Bravado’ are now up on a page of their own, and there’s also a page for tracks that were drawn on for ‘Scriptwrecked’. More in due course.)
  • The one parody on here has been moved to my blog at Parodies Regained. Other parodies will go straight onto that blog.
  • Miscellaneous prose/articles have been moved to Miscellaneous Prose, would you believe? Future prose will be put straight to that page.
  • The one sort-of-poem on here has been moved to the page Verse or Worse, and  that page too will be taking a turn for the verse.
  • I’ve removed the ‘Musical Events’ and ‘Musical Friends’ pages as they’re terribly out-of-date. I’d like to think I still have my musical friends in the South, but the information I had on those pages was at least a year behind. They’ll be back soon…

Security blogger and persistent wordsmith

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