Dave Kenyon & David Harley

I met Dave Kenyon at South Hill Park, Bracknell, where we spent some happy hours in the recording studio† one afternoon.  I took a tape of the very bare bones of Who Are We? back to Manchester with me, and added some words later. Unfortunately, by then I’d lost contact with Dave. If you’re out there, mate, get in touch! (Sadly, there are no royalties waiting!)


A more tentative arrangement:



Sad victim of the overground
talisman I wear against my heart
she knows she’s not the first to shed some light on me
she knows she may well be the last

I’ve heard some rumours of a world outside
beyond the circle of her arms
strange legend of a race for time
make-believe world of false alarms

Who are we / who are you to tell us (x2)
“Take a look at yourselves?”

And a rather different take…


The studio where Bill Caddick’s first album (the hard-to-find Rough Music) was recorded, incidentally. I remember going to the pub when it was completed with Bill, Paul Dunderdale (who produced it – I think I was staying with Paul and his wife at that time), and a guy called Brian – I can’t remember his surname, which is a bit sad considering he took the photos at my first wedding!

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