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I don’t often do podcasts, but I’m beginning to think that they might be a viable alternative to physical CDs and some kinds of blog article etc.

The first podcast was a review of ‘Indulgence’, the most recent CD by Atlantic Union, a Canadian band of which my friend Sally Goddard is a member. But just to make things more interesting, I’ve posted it in two places: Acast and MixCloud. There may be one or two more reviews in the near future.

The second was the story of Thomas Anderson, including the song I wrote based on an article by Ron Nurse in the Shrewsbury Folk Club magazine in the 1970s, also posted at Acast. There’s also a video version – essentially the podcast with some photos added.

The third is, surprisingly, a somewhat seasonal Solstice Garland, with music from Atlantic Union and myself, plus some verse. Also at Acast.

There’s also an interview with West Kernow Sounds, from early 2020, which includes some songs. And an older interview with Ian Semple for his Coast FM programme, also including several songs.

I doubt if anyone cares at this point about the stuff from my time in the security industry – well, maybe some people still in the industry, but few of them are likely to read this blog – so it isn’t listed here, even if I can remember where it was originally posted.

David Harley

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