About Words & Music

This is my personal blog page, as opposed to all those security blogs of mine littering the web at the moment. Right now it’s mostly music stuff, but that will change: there will be other stuff that I’m into. (Sorry, child of the 60s moment there….) However, security stuff will be kept to a minimum.

Here’s a little information about my recordings. MP3s from other sessions will be finding their way up here shortly.

Stuff about my musical friends (old and new) has been moved to my Musical Friends page. That may be developed into a gig diary, but I don’t want to do that until I know I’ll have time to keep it up-to-date.

Recordings by David Harley

While most of my recordings to date are lying around on this site somewhere, the organized versions with lyrics etc are now here.

They’re MP3s, and usually play quite happily in Windows Media Player: I haven’t got round to making them iTunes-friendly or whatever, yet. All songs are copyright and all rights are reserved: in other words, in the unlikely event of your wanting to use the recordings or songs for any commercial purpose, you need to contact me.

The photograph in the custom header for this page was taken while flying from Dallas to San Diego at the time of the ice storms in early 2009. It’s probably New Mexico, but don’t ask me exactly where: domestic flights aren’t usually exact about geolocation. :)

This site is maintained by David and Jude Harley.

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