Videos with photos

Not live videos: rather, recordings accompanied by a slide show.

Tracks 1 and 2, words and music (c) David Harley. Tracks 3 and 4, music (c) David Harley. Track 5, words by David Harley based on an article by Ron Nurse; music by David Harley.

All vocals and instruments by David Harley. Photographs and artwork (c)  David and Judith Harley.

  1. Wrekin – a song about Shropshire, with particular reference to the section of the Marches Line that runs through it. Much more information here. 
  2. Cornish Ghosts – a song about the part of Cornwall in which I live.  More information here.
  3. Painting the Desert – a slide instrumental accompanied by photos from a trip to Arizona and thereabouts.
  4. Moonflow III – another instrumental, this time with multi-tracked guitars (no, that’s not a real sitar). Photos from Stonehenge and York.
  5. Thomas Anderson (actually a podcast rebuilt with photographs of Shrewsbury, where most of the events of the song took place.) More information on the song and historical background here. 

David Harley

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