Posted by: David Harley | August 28, 2020

Bedsit Blues (early demo)

The tune may change a little before I finish with it, and I need to practise a bit more on guilele, which I don’t often play. But I quite like the overall sound, where the light-ish arrangement lifts the rather sad words.


Bedsit Blues (words & music (c) David Harley)

Breeze on my body, the sun in my face
It’s a do-nothing kind of day
Laying back in the grass and closing my eyes
Letting my head drift away
But my mind rambles back to that faraway summer
Less than a year ago
12 months can be a lifetime
More than the long years before

Was it so recent, that first light kiss
That wakened my sleeping soul?
It seems so long since you laid in my bed
So many bad trips ago
But love is a whisper, an echo, a candle
Wavering in the wind
And a year can bring changes too deep to ignore
And wipe out the person you’ve been

Now it’s ten in the evening, the jukebox is playing
“It’s all over now”
I doodle on beermats, chat with a stranger
Close my ears to the sound
“I used to love her”: Lord knows I loved you
God help me, I love you still
But I talk at new faces and try to relate
I wonder if I ever will?

I suppose if I wait for an aeon or two
It’ll start to make some kind of sense
But I’ve tried for a while, and I can’t seem somehow
To think past the present tense
The fact is, it’s easy to live without hope
But once let it into your head
And time is an arrow; love is a knife;
Loneliness a single bed

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