Posted by: David Harley | August 24, 2020

Jericho [demo]

Words & Music (c) David Harley

I haven’t tried this with guitar yet, as I wanted to get the tune down before I forgot it…



 (Originally a meld of Johnny from the faintly scandalous ‘Gently, Johnny my jingalo’ and Bunny Jingedangelow from the Brian Aldiss novel ‘Greybeard’, but the character seemed to take on a life of his own.)

Breach the barrel, drain the cask
Scrambled wits behind the mask
And drink awhile with Jimmy Jericho

Sell your soul and pay the fee
The price of immortality
You pay to Jimmy Jericho

The master sings, the jester dances
Round and round the room he prances
Dancing to the tune of Jericho

And as he spins such fine romances
Disciples quarrel for the chance
To gather at the feet of Jericho

Round and round the room they go
The tears, the tears they trickle slow
Down the cheeks of Jimmy Jericho

The devil scans with eyes like coals
The broken dreams and stolen souls
Betrayed by Jimmy Jericho

David Harley


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