Posted by: David Harley | September 12, 2020

She’s gone

She’s Gone (by Don MacLeod and David Harley)
All Rights Reserved



She’s gone: too bad…
And I wanted so much more
But now, too late,
I see what she was looking for
Wasn’t me at all
Just a lay-by
On the road to bigger things

Too bad: I guess
We all live and learn
Too late, sometimes, like now
But she’s not concerned
About who she burns
So I guess I’ll just get on with my life

She met someone else, and then went away
And it broke me up, but just today
I woke up with someone else on my mind
I guess I can take it, I guess I’ll survive

One day at a time
Until I make contact
And I’ll forget in time
How she turned her back
And said so matter-of-fact
“My love, I don’t love you any more…”

I lost my woman to another man
There’s nothing new under the sun
I woke up with someone else by my side
I guess I can take it, I guess I’ll survive

One day
At a time
One day
At a time…

A song mostly written by Don MacLeod, though I did some tinkering with the lyrics: Don’s guitar has a nice ragtime feel. My Les Paul copy sounds more than usually out-of-tune with the acoustic guitars. Maybe I was trying for a Carlos Santana feel. ;-) I don’t think I’d do that change of vocal track for the middle eight now, either.

David Harley: Vocal, acoustic lead guitar, electric lead guitar.
Don MacLeod: acoustic guitar

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