Posted by: David Harley | September 5, 2020

Back in the day

Alison Pittaway and I were once part of the team that ran the Jackson’s Lane folk club in Highgate, but only started writing together long after we’d both left London (for entirely different parts of the country). 

(Words by Alison Pittaway – Music by David Harley)


I said hello
and you cracked a smile,
I felt warm inside
just for a while.

Just two friends
back in the day,
No need for words then
[or at least it seemed that way]

We played and we laughed
as the world went spinning by
And time went faster then,
faster than we realized

There was no need for words
And no thoughts misunderstood.
You didn’t wait for an answer
And how I’d wished you would.

You’ve gone from me now,
Gone so far away.
But we were just two friends then,
Back in the day.

Oh, just two friends,
back in the day.

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