Posted by: David Harley | May 11, 2015

Breathe my lute [demo]

One of my Housman settings.

Remixed/remastered harmony version: best right now.

Backup copy


Near-ready version?

Version with harmony vocal (demo for collaborative venture, but I might develop that.)

Another attempt with guitar:

Latest version, with guitar.

(updated acappella version)

(working version: acapella while writing it)

Version with a tentative guitar arrangement. Needs work, but gives the idea.

Hot off the press – well, Garageband.

Breathe, my lute, beneath my fingers
One regretful breath,
One lament for life that lingers
Round the doors of death.
For the frost has killed the rose,
And our summer dies in snows,
And our morning once for all
Gathers to the evenfall.

Hush, my lute, return to sleeping,
Sing no songs again.
For the reaper stays his reaping
On the darkened plain;
And the day has drained its cup,
And the twilight cometh up;
Song and sorrow all that are
Slumber at the even-star.

David Harley

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