Posted by: David Harley | July 17, 2014

Born in the Country

This demo track is to all intents and purposes a reinterpretation of a rewrite by Judy Roderick of James Alley Blues, by Richard ‘Rabbit’ Brown. She recorded it on her 2nd album, the rather wonderful ‘Woman Blue‘, in 1965. The version here is mostly the same lyrically but adjusted slightly for a male singer. In addition, rather than repeat her first verse at the end as Judy did, I’ve used a similar but not identical verse from James Alley Blues as my last verse.

The lyrics of a version by Robin Greenstein are very similar to Judy Roderick’s, but include another verse from James Alley Blues. Oddly enough, I have a version of  ‘Corinna’ that includes (more or less) the same verse.

I may well add some instruments to this version at some point. I’m also thinking about recording something closer to Rabbit Brown’s version, with a significantly different arrangement. The original has appeared on many anthologies and I also found it on YouTube here.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World

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