Posted by: David Harley | April 11, 2009

And now, some music…

Update: we’re now moving music content away from the main Small Blue-Green Web site, which is largely focused on security consultancy and publishing, to this more personal blog page. You can now directly access some of the MP3s here as well as from the main site, and eventually this will be the source for both the music samples and for the lyrics.

I’m in the process of adding MP3s to a new page on Small Blue-Green World. At the moment this consists of:

  • 3 tracks recorded at Hallmark for an album that was never released but would have featured Bob Theil, Bob Cairns, Don MacLeod, Pat Orchard and myself.
  • Some tracks recorded at CentreSound for “Sheer Bravado

I intend to add some other tracks from “Scriptwrecked” before adding some newer stuff.

Some of the lyrics are now available from this page.

David Harley

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