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This is a list of the Harley albums and singles currently available. These replace cassette and CD albums currently available  (which is how they come to be released in such a short timeframe), and are at present digital-only releases. Right now, most of them are only available from Bandcamp. The exception is ‘One Step Away’. There’ll be more information on the individual releases in due course, on this and my other music blogs.

Single: Moonflow VI (released January 2021). An extended version of an instrumental track on ‘Tears of Morning’.

Album: Tears of Morning (released February 2021). A collection of songs with a Shropshire connection, including settings of verse by A.E. Housman and ‘W.H.B.’

Single: One Step Away (From The Blues) [released February 2021)

Album: ‘View From The Top‘ – with Don MacLeod (released March 2021). Songs we perform (occasionally!) as a duo, written by us individually or together.

Album: ‘Hands of the Craftsman‘ (released March 2021). Songs and poems from the 1980 review ‘Nice…If You Can Get It’.

Album: ‘The Game Of London‘ (released April 2021) – stories of the city in which I spent some 25 years of my life.

Album: ‘Ten Percent Blues‘ (released May 2021) – mostly with a touch of blues, including a look back or two at my very short career on the road.

Single: ‘How To Say Goodbye‘ (released June 2021)

Album: ‘Dinosaur Tracks‘ (released July 12 2021) – mostly demo quality, quite a lot leaning towards blues.

Album: ‘Cold Iron‘ (released July 22 2021) – songs of social commentary.

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